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On the exciting, sometimes-overwhelming path toward marraige, Twitter offers unique comfort to the hip & happenin'!  And even their mothers, believe it or not :)

Now, we're not talking about tweeting your daily hygiene habits or what flavor yogurt you might sneak before dinner.  Instead, consider setting-up a bridal headquarters of sorts from a dedicated Twitter account.

Whether you're the Bride, Maid of Honor (MOH), Mother or other key player - let's just say you're busy with a capital "B".  Understatement, right?

There are people to coordinate and involve, plus endless decisions and event planning to keep organized.  Decisions must be made between vendors, colors, types of food, locations, time of day...I don't need to tell you its hectic! 

On top of that, family and friends want to feel included.  How on earth does anyone have time to make so many phone calls and write so many emails??

If only you could make everyone feel important, compare vendors and be personally involved with everyone on a daily basis.  Oh, wait!  Now, you can.

Our Bridal Gurus suggest creating a wedding Twitter account to spare your nerves! It's free, and it's the best tool ever for communicating directly to everyone in short, sweet pops of info.  Unlike emails which still require at least minimal greetings & semi-complete sentences, Twitter gives you complete freedom to jump right in with phrases.  "Volunteers to help at the rehearsal dinner?" on Twitter replaces personal pleas on the phone.  And it's much quicker than a bulk email.  Love it!

"Anyone gonna catch the bouquet?" may give you feedback that your single girls just aren't digging it.  After all, these days being seen as eager to marry is a bit unseemly in many circles.  Men run in the opposite direction!  (Sad commentary, but true non-the-less).

What about finding hot vendors in your area?  I Do Coupons is right there on Twitter with you, sharing special coupons and the latest must-know info for your weddings.

See ya there!

Wedding Bliss in July

Posted by: admin

An estimated 250,000 brides will walk down that aisle this July…are you one of them?

Nothing’s more romantic than the height of wedding season, but we’re guessing you ‘ve decided for (or against) July for your own special reasons.  

Tradition, sun and guest availability are certainly July’s strengths.  Not to mention that young couples find graduation is finally behind them!  It’s a great time to celebrate the next stage of life and tie the proverbial knot.

Here are some last minute tips for those of you set to wed this month:

  1. Ensure the entire wedding party (and special guests) have air conditioned dressing rooms, plus somewhere cool to wait before their grand entrance!  Nothing ruins a wedding video like sweat-matted hairdos and your new brother-in-law repeatedly wiping his bald head with his handkerchief!
  2. Know where the sun will be, so guests can see you.  Your sunrise or sunset service will be gorgeous – such a shame if everyone is blinded though, right?
  3. Ushers should have access to water bottles and a few extra pairs of sunglasses, for guests who didn’t think ahead.
  4. Have a “Plan B.” If your ceremony will be outdoors, it may seem unnecessary or unlucky to have a back-up location in sunny July.  However, rain is known to occur every month of the year so be prepared!  It’s always worth the peace of mind.
  5. Consider taking formal photos before the wedding ceremony.  Particularly if the event is held outdoors, sweat can quickly affect the group’s perfect look.  Alternatively, have a cooling room with hair and make-up products available between the ceremony and photos.  Men’s shirts may also need a quick dry, so check if your location has dryers.

Most importantly – have fun, lots of love and big kisses!

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